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I wrote nearly a year ago about my hope that 2016 would be brighter and easier than 2015 but how Jesus would be present and pour out His love even if it wasn’t. I look back and realize how prophetic and powerful it was that I processed those things and came to the conviction I did.

2016 brought my dad cancer for the second time. I was living at college and it was difficult to be away from my family in such a painful and vulnerable time. There were several months when I honestly had to take life minute by minute because it was all I could do to make it through my days. 2016 has been a beautiful progression of heartbreak and healing and I am thankful for every minute of it, as wild as that might seem. The process of healing and renewal that has followed my dad’s cancer journey has helped my whole family to lean on Jesus daily and praise Him for the ways He is faithful to us in all seasons of life. So many good and wonderful things have come from this time of darkness, which is yet another reminder of how powerful and present our God truly is.

I’m thankful that life is full of seasons because we would never be challenged to grow if our circumstances were unchanging. The cycles of seasons Earth experiences each year all around are perfectly designed to support life on Earth. Everything around us shouts that from death comes new life; from winter comes spring and from painful nights come joyful mornings. Life would not be as valuable and dynamic as it is without the easy and difficult experiences.

Many people think that Earth’s seasons are caused by our planet getting closer to, and farther away from the sun. This is a misconception. Seasons are actually caused by Earth’s tilted axis. Depending upon where our planet is in its (approximately) 365-day revolution around the sun, sunlight will hit one hemisphere more directly and one more indirectly. The hemisphere with the more direct sunlight will experience spring and summer, and the one with more indirect sunlight will experience fall and winter. Earth’s distance from the Sun does not change.

I think many people see spiritual seasons the same way. Pain and sadness are not caused by God being farther away, just as joy and peace are not caused by God being nearer. Jesus pursues us just as relentlessly no matter what season we are in. He loves us just as intentionally and beautifully in our times of joy as He does in our times of sorrow and His heart feels what we feel. How sweet it is to know a love that does not change, one that is consistent through the changes that bring life!

Friends, know that seasons do not last forever and that God gives life and love through them all. I thank you for reading my post and for accepting my science analogies… I’m a science teacher in the making! You are all special and valuable and the Father loves you oh so much. I do too!


P.S. Want to learn more about what causes Earth’s seasons? Check out this site!

•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


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