I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired.

Tired of political posts.

Tired of the complaining.

Tired of the endless waves of negativity and voices and articles.

Tired of the once simple things made complicated by the intense opinions of our country.

Politics is important. How blessed we are that our small little voices get to speak about what we want our country to embody! There is so much sweet freedom in this privilege.

But, just like everything else on Earth, politics is not be be-all-end-all.

This election is like getting married, I think (although I’ve never done it). Many people spend lots of hours and money trying to make everything in their wedding look perfect. The wedding is important, as it’s a time to celebrate the freedom and commitment of marriage. But many people get so caught up in the wedding that they forget how much more valuable the marriage is that follows. If we spend all our time fretting about temporary things on Earth, we will never see or experience the beautiful eternity that lies beyond. Marriages last. Faith, hope, love, and forgiveness last. Presidents and wedding bouquets do not.

The reality is that God is still God no matter what happens to our country or our world. The election of the next president is important, but it’s not worth getting angry about, losing friends, or becoming one of those people who talks of nothing else. This thing that seems like such a big deal now will one day be just a drop in the vast, beautiful sea of eternity. Friends, God is good and He protects His people always.

This post isn’t about voting, opinions, or persuasion. This post is about the one Person who has proven Himself over and over throughout the ages to billions of people and to me. There is inexhaustible power in His name to save, heal, and renew. Jesus.

So, what now? We look beyond what is temporary and see that what is eternal is so much more valuable. We pray that God will revive our nation in undeniable ways. We speak the truth in love and do not seek to destroy hate with hate. We trust that Jesus is in control and that He is greater than anything we see, feel, or experience. We think before saying or posting anything if it will encourage and build others up, or if it will create divides.

Hold onto the anchor of hope that will never fade. Take deep breaths and enjoy the beautiful week ahead.


•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


What do you think?

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