Peace on Earth


I’m back after eight difficult months of silence. I must be honest and say that 2015 has by far been the hardest year of my life. It unfolded as a series of unpleasant circumstances that included death, a car crash, a best friend living 1600 miles away, a job that can be really, really difficult, and a college environment that leaves no room for peace and quiet.

Needless to say, my heart has been heavy these past few months. I find myself restlessly waiting for 2016 because surely it will bring the peace and joy I have been seeking!

But here’s the thing: It might not.

The trials and tragedies and horrifying news stories will not stop because a fresh new year makes its debut. There will still be refugees without homes and people killed by the hands of tortured souls. This thought is almost enough to make me give up sometimes. But then, I remember.

I remember that the God of the universe chose to come to this little, messed-up world. I remember that His son Jesus, in all of His glory and perfection, humbled Himself and became a tiny human. I remember that He lived on this earth and grew up experiencing the pain of humanity and feeling every unpleasant emotion in His heart. I remember that He gave Himself to rescue us from sin, even though we are ungrateful rebels.

There is so much hope in our Savior.

The story of Christmas illustrates God’s presence and renewing power in dark places. He did not stay away from the earth and save us through some indirect, quiet ritual. No, He entered the darkness and demonstrated His love through the most beautiful sacrifice the world has ever seen. The Lord does not watch the news to get caught up with the newest happenings on earth. No, the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18). He is with us in our confusion, anger, and grief, and He will be with us in our healing.

This is a beautiful song written by All Sons and Daughters about Paris before tragedy struck in November. It has become a prayer for those who are broken and mourning. You can read the lyrics and download it on noisetrade.

Doug Rumford, the pastor at my home church, said yesterday in his sermon that the big picture is hope. We like to look at our lives and our world in segments because it’s easy. 2015 alone was filled with disappointments, tragedies, mistakes, anger, and grief. What happened throughout and between the difficulties in my own year and the world’s year reveals that God is working in the midst of the darkness. He is greater than the struggles and sweeter than the successes. He provides for us and prepares our ways. There is no despair too great or celebration too joyful for the Lord. God’s love, power, and presence are constant, and for that I am so, so thankful.

Jesus will come again to restore the world. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart (1 Corinthians 4:5). Until He does, we can pray that the peace of Christ will be present in our hearts and in our world. He cannot change humanity’s sinful nature or protect us from the difficulties of a fallen world, but His peace allows us to see beyond our circumstances to find lasting joy, hope, and love. How fitting that we celebrate hope, peace, joy, and love during advent! It all makes sense in Christ.

Thank you for reading! It feels so good to be writing again. I pray that you would know the hope, peace, joy, and love of the Father in this Christmas season and throughout 2016. He loves you oh so much!🙂



•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


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Jesus Never Disappoints


I just found this post that I wrote on March 31 while riding the train back to school. It was Tuesday, two days after my grandmother’s memorial service and several weeks after a breakup that seemed like the right thing at the time, but had caused my heart indescribable pain since. Instead of diving into a movie or book like I normally would, I wrote. Wholeheartedly. This is what I said.


I’m being completely honest when I say that the past three weeks have been the hardest of my whole life.

Friends, my heart is grieving.

I often wake up in the morning physically and emotionally sore after a night when memories and doubts tore ceaselessly through my mind. I have cried countless tears and shouted at God, Why did this have to change all at once? I sometimes feel like I’m drowning.

But I can say with confidence that even in the midst of brokenness,

Jesus is still good.

I don’t claim to know His plan in all of this, but I know that His infinite wisdom and His beautiful plan are better than I can imagine in this moment. I know that my grandmother is standing tall in His presence with no pain from her Parkinson’s disease. I know she is dancing and singing with no need for a walker or wheelchair to carry her. I know that in the vastness of eternity, we will be there with her before she even finishes saying hello to her friends. I know that there is hope in the resurrection of Christ.

I know that God is in control. I know that His love is the sweetest and fullest I will ever know. I know that only He can make me whole. I know that He will lead me to someone whose love of God is echoed in his love for me. I know that I will be able to love him unconditionally and that we will encourage one another as we walk together in faith.


I’m sure people were confused when the Savior of the World rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. They were puzzled when He associated with prostitutes and tax collectors. They were discouraged when He didn’t wipe out the enemies of Israel and free His people in a whirlwind of power and glory. Jesus broke every stereotype and perhaps upset people with His humility.

But here’s the thing: Jesus never disappoints.

He freed the captives, won our hearts, conquered death, raised us to new life, taught us how to love, and gave us eternal hope- all without the royal treatment.

It is my confidence in Jesus’ steadfastness and hope that helps me through each day. Sometimes I have to close my eyes and give my hurting heart to Him. I wake up in the morning and say, Jesus, I cannot get through this day without You. I cannot do it without You.

And He is healing me. He has left undeniable fingerprints throughout the past three weeks, which leads me to believe that He cannot and will not disappoint me.

I know that my heart will continue to hurt for a long time, but I also know that Jesus feels my pain and is working in me. He is trying recapture my heart… And I’m letting Him. It is so sweet to trust in Him!

This song has been my anthem these past weeks. I pray it blesses you as it has blessed me!


Oh, how I have been healed since writing those words. God called me back to the love I tried to leave behind. I am falling in love with Randal Flannery all over again and I understand now that loving him is a privilege, not something I am entitled to. We’re trusting Him with our relationship each and every day! My heart overflows everyday and I am so grateful that God isn’t done writing our story. I still miss my sweet Grammie more than I can say, and I know that isn’t something that will change. I am changed, however, by the saving power of Jesus and the hope He gives us. How sweet it is to trust Him!

Thank you for reading. I hope you know how much you are loved by the God who holds your heart.🙂


P.S. Check out Romans 12:12, Isaiah 41:10, Colossians 3:1, Hebrews 6:19, and Psalm 30:5. The Bible is full of encouragement!

•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•

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Why “Cinderella” Had Me Smiling For Hours


I’m so sorry for the silence recently… My life has been an absolute whirlwind. The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult, but right now I am just so relieved and happy to be home for spring break.

My beautiful mama and I went to see “Cinderella” yesterday… We both waited to watch it until I came home so that we could go together! After what seemed like endless previews, we were treated to one hundred and thirteen minutes of glittery costumes, soaring music, and happily ever afters.

Oh my word, it was wonderful.

Lily James (Cinderella) and Sophie McShera (Drizella) from Downton Abbey fit seamlessly into their roles (Rose and Daisy, respectively, for all my Downton fans. #stopkillingthebestcharacters #maggiesmithforpresident). I’m also a big fan of the beautiful costumes, whimsy, sweeping camerawork, and the prince (those eyes, though😍). I won’t pretend to be a movie critic because I’m not and never will be haha. The greatest thing about this movie by far was the simple and sweet message: have courage, be kind, and forgive those who wrong you.

Credit: US Magazine

Credit: US Magazine

The Cinderella cartoon is great, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like this new movie is much more intentional about showing Cinderella’s genuine kindness and forgiveness. Even though there is no reference to religion in the movie, Cinderella almost seems to glow with an unconditional, Christlike love that never wavers despite her awful circumstances. She courageously faces each new day, fully knowing that she will be overworked and taunted by her family. She shows kindness to those who persecute her by holding her tongue and acting graciously. It is beautiful the way she finds joy in the simplest of things and treasures the sweet moments she experiences.

I LOVE that Cinderella’s sweetness is what catches the prince’s attention. Yes, of course she is stunning and he thinks she is the most beautiful creature on earth, but he vocalizes that he is smitten for her kindness and beautiful authenticity.

And she forgives her stepmother and stepsisters. As she walks arm-in-arm with the prince out of her house and into her bright future, she turns around, looks them in the eyes, and says, “I forgive you” with no hint bitterness or malice.

Credit: US Magazine

Credit: US Magazine


I hope to be like that. I hope to be fearlessly authentic and love despite the circumstances. I hope to find the joy of the Lord in each moment and live without reservation, knowing that He is bigger than all I face. I hope to forgive openly, knowing Jesus first forgave us.

Jesus is glorified when we live with His joy in our hearts. He loves when we find whimsical and beautiful ways to love others and He uses this love to work in other people’s hearts, as well as our own. He gave up His life so that we can live in the promise of eternal life and hold nothing back, trusting that He is worth so much more than anything we possess. Jesus can soften the hardest hearts and free the captives. All we must do is live for Him.


Anyway, this is why I smiled throughout the entire movie and for many hours after. I am inspired by Cinderella’s radiant love and selflessness and I plan to personally work on achieving those things.

And I’ll be dreaming of that dress for DAYS. 👗

Enjoy this weekend! You are wonderful.🙂


P.S. Check out Joshua 1:9Psalm 35:9, John 3:30, Ephesians 4:32, and 1 Peter 4:8.

P.P.S. Let me know if you have questions, comments, ideas, or ever want to talk about glitter, Downton Abbey, or Disney movies. I’m always down!😉

•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


Praising a God of Design


I am in a science class for education majors this quarter that centers around molecules. So far, we have discussed waves, specifically light and sound waves. The further we dive into this subject, the more in awe I become of the God who created our world.

Think about it, He created each component of our planet individually, yet they are all woven together in undeniable perfection. He created light with specific wavelengths to vary the hue of each object. He gave us cones in our eyes to interpret these wavelengths as color! He crafted each shade of each color and gave humans the ability to recreate these colors in beautiful works of art. He assigns the colors of each sunset and the rosy blush of each happy child so that there is nothing in the world that can match their beauty.

He gave us eardrums to notice sound waves and a brain to interpret them. He designed a unique sound for the interaction of every object. How crazy is that?! For every object meeting every other object, there is a completely unique sound. A bow meeting the strings of a cello creates a rich, romantic vibrato. A spoon tapping a glass creates a clear, high note. Waves rushing up and down a beach create a soft, peaceful whisper. The shutter of each camera, the buzz of each lightbulb, the click of each lock, the howl of each wolf, the honk of each horn, the chirp of each bird, the rustle of each leaf, the tune of each song, and the silence of each night all come from Him.

When you begin to notice these things, a whole world of beauty and impeccable design comes alive; there is no way our world could have just appeared with such intricate pieces that all fit together. Our God is a God of design. He created all of this with us in mind- we are born with the perfect ability to enjoy, protect, and love it.

And then, what masterpieces we are to be knitted together by the hands of our mighty and loving Father! We are fearfully and wonderfully made, each of us bearing unique gifts, talents, smiles, desires, hopes, fears, and loves. We so often look disdainfully in the mirror and begrudge the flaws we see or feel within ourselves. If only I had her body or his confidence or their talent or his money or her family or anything that is not my own. When we do this, when we pick apart the masterpieces that we are, Jesus is saddened. When we focus on what we wish to be instead of what we are, we hinder our relationships with God, ourselves, and others. I’m not saying that we can’t strive to better ourselves, but we should do it in a healthy way that is solely to praise Jesus, not to conform to the corruption of this world.

You have worth. You are beautiful and talented and so, so special. I hope you know how much you mean to the people in your life and the Father who created you. Thank you so much for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the future. You mean the world to me! Have a lovely rest of your week!🙂


P.S. Check out James 1:17 and Psalm 139:13-14!

P.P.S. Enjoy these pictures of SLO from two different hikes I took last weekend!

•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


Working Toward A First Corinthians Love

Hello! Randal’s and my one year anniversary of dating passed on Wednesday and I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned about love in this past year. I don’t claim to have much experience with relationships, but I believe God has taught me amazing things directly and through the words of my loving parents and pastors. Please enjoy! 🌻🌻🌻

  1. The only perfect love is that of Jesus. There is no perfect earthly relationship; the only perfect love we will ever know is the love that Jesus has for us. Our love for Him will never be perf ect, just as our love for each other will never be perfect… But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try! Jesus is delighted when we love each other in crazy, sweet, and whimsical ways. Love intentionally and freely, just as He first loved us. You won’t always get it right, but it makes Jesus (and those you are loving) smile.
  2. He/she won’t be able to cater to your every need. You know yourself better than anyone else, so don’t expect him or her to know exactly what’s up the minute you start talking. Chances are good that he/she will soon catch on to your uncharacteristic gloominess and ask if you’ve had a bad day. While he/she might not be able to fix your day, you can certainly allow yourself to be consoled. The same goes for a joy or accomplishment- while he or she can celebrate with you, he/she might not understand how much it really means to you. Be gentle and accept the fact that he/she can’t meet your every need because you’re both human.
  3. It is as much about loving as it is about being loved. Relationships fall apart when couples individually meditate on whether “he/she is loving me well enough” instead of whether “I am loving him/her well enough.” Your significant other should invest time, energy, and love in you, and it is just as important that you do the same for him/her. Celebrate his/her accomplishments and make time to invest in his/her hobbies. Make time for one another and make sure you both have time to speak about your hearts and your lives. Genuinely listen when it isn’t your turn! Mutual love is what allows a relationship to endure.
  4. Settling and accepting are two different things. Settling is when you suffer through a relationship with someone who makes you feel less than the person God made you to be. Accepting is when you work through a relationship with someone who has flaws and shortcomings (aka a human). You SHOULD NEVER settle for anyone you couldn’t see yourself married to. You SHOULD accept the flaws and shortcomings of some one you could. It is one hundred percent okay to accept your significant other for who he/she is- that is what love is about!
  5. Cut him/her some slack. We all have good days and bad days, am I right? It is guaranteed that some days you will mess up and some days your significant other will. What isn’t guaranteed is how you respond to such a situation. I would HIGHLY recommend forgiveness, as it brings us closer to one another and closer to our God. It’s okay to be hurt when he/she does something you don’t like, but make certain to talk about it, forgive, and move on. If you’re the one who did something hurtful, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness; I know it’s SO hard to admit you aren’t right about everything, but it’s really worth it in the end.
  6. Idolatry is real and it does happen. Jesus says in Exodus 20:3 and again in Deuteronomy 5:7, “You shall have no other gods before me.” I guess that means it’s pretty important if He says it twice! It is easy to get so wrapped up in a relationship that we start to put our hopes, dreams, and identity in that person. Here’s the problem: that person isn’t Jesus. When he/she slips up, the hopes and dreams we’ve placed in him/her will come crashing down and we’ll start feeling lost and unfulfilled. You should love that person as genuinely and intentionally as you can, just don’t elevate them to a level they will never be able to sustain.
  7. Sexual temptation is just as real. Satan likes to use relationships, one of the things God gave to us to bring us closer to Him, to instead lead us farther from Him. When you start to feel it, take a deep breath and read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Remind yourself that you are precious in God’s eyes and He wants you to save yourself for your husband/wife. Don’t yourself in a situation that might lead to compromise- be strong and play a fun board game instead.🙂
  8. Honesty is so, so important. Talk about things like numbers 1-7 above! You can mutually overcome temptation, anger, disappointment, and idolatry when you share your feelings about them. Honesty is often difficult, especially when you need to bring something up that isn’t pleasant. Take a deep breath and pray for discernment. Be gentle and know that you aren’t any less of a sinner than your significant other. If you are the one listening to this honesty, respond in an equally honest and loving way. Conflict is overcome when two people humble themselves and honestly discuss their feelings.
  9. Couples that pray together stay together. Along with honesty between the people in a relationship comes honesty with God. Make time to pray with your girl/boyfriend. Pray for each other’s lives, attitudes, and relationship with Jesus. Pray for your future together, that you both would have discernment and the ability to trust God’s will above your own. God delights in a couple that is firmly rooted in Him!
  10. Your identity should always be found in God. No matter what happens, you are first a foremost a child of God- nothing will ever change that. Trust that He has a remarkable plan for you and He will carry you through times of sunshine and times of tempest. He has the perfect person picked out for you, whether it is who you currently love or someone completely different! Your earthly love story will be beautiful and unique, just like the love story God has written the world since before its creation.

🌻🌻🌻 I really hope this was easy to read and understand. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of this… Heck, Randal and I are 18-year-old college students who are trying as hard as the next kids to figure this all out! We’re continuing to work toward a 1 Corinthians kind of love. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) Let me know if you have any questions/comments/ideas for future posts. I love you all dearly and I hope you have a wonderful day! You bless me.🙂 -Megan

P.S. Randal, I love you a lot. You are a blessing! 😍 •Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


The Thought of Home


I’m back from a lovely and much-needed Thanksgiving break. I’m sure you older folks know this, but it is positively the weirdest feeling in the world when you have to pack a suitcase to visit home! (Although I imagine there are many more weird feelings… like stepping in quicksand or swimming in the Dead Sea.) I was so thoroughly enjoying being home that I didn’t even take any pictures to share with you!

I dreaded coming back to Cal Poly and facing Dead Week and Finals, but the fact that I can go home again in ten days keeps me going! Don’t get me wrong, I love this school more than I ever thought I could. I just don’t love the idea of spending my time studying when I could be exploring this beautiful place!

But isn’t that just like life? God placed us on this earth and tells us that it is our temporary home. The world is beautiful and it declares the goodness of God, but it also presents us with challenges, losses, and discomfort. We can face those difficult situations with confidence in the fact that Jesus holds us in His hands and He has prepared for us an even sweeter and more perfect Home. These trials aren’t meant to break us, they are meant to grow our faith in Jesus and his unfailing presence. God is preparing us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. Shouldn’t we then give Him our all?

2 Corinthians 4:16-17 says, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

God has blessed me with a loving, supporting family that can send me to college, and the incredible opportunity to learn all I can in this place. I’m choosing to be a good steward of this opportunity and do the very best I can. Though finals week is scary and full of unknowns, I know He will guide me through it and help me to become the best teacher through the knowledge I will gain. The thought of home will help me endure the next ten days, and the thought of Heaven will help me endure as long as I will live. I pray that I will never miss an opportunity to give the glory back to Jesus, knowing that He has loved me and blessed me more than I could ever deserve!

Thanks for reading! I have a few more fun posts coming up, so stay tuned! Let me know if you have some good ideas for future posts… I’d love to hear your thoughts!! You are lovely. Here is a picture of a lovely tree I found near the music building on campus, just for you!🙂

Lovely Tree


•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•


Cal Poly Arboretum


I want to share with you one of Cal Poly’s many gems… the Leaning Pine Arboretum! It’s a sweet little place with lots of lots of plants that are very clearly loved and cared for by the students in the horticulture program. There are also some nice benches and even a zen garden. Take a look!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend. Thanks for taking time to look at some nice flowers and trees and benches. Stay tuned for more fun posts!🙂


•Lord of all, to thee we raise this our hymn of grateful praise•